Participants information

Start – and finish

40K routes
The 40K routes start at midnight. The participants walk from city A to city B. The finish location is open on Sunday morning, June 21st, till12h00. 

20K routes
The 20K routes start at 19h00, the same time as the 10K routes. The starting location is also the finish location.  You can finish until 23h00.

10K routes
The 10K routes start at 19h00, at the same time as the 20K routes. The starting location is also the finish location.  You can finish until 22h00.


Each participant needs to register individually on This also goes for participants that are part of a team. This is necessary because each participant needs to receive a personal e-ticket with which a starting card can be obtained. You can't participate without a starting card.

If you are younger than 18 years old, you can only participate when accompanied by an adult participant. 

Registration for a route closes when the maximum number of registrations has been reached. In case this maximum number is not reached, registration is closed two weeks before the event. You can't register at the starting location itself.

Registration fee

We don't ask for a registration fee. The Night of the Refugee is a sponsored walk with which participants collect as much money as possible to help refugees all over the world. You are not allowed to start with 0 Euro on your own sponsor counter, which is why most participants make a self-donation when registering.

We expect each participant to actively look for sponsors. With our sponsortips, we can help the participants with this.

E-tickets and starting cards

All participants receive a personal e-ticket. Participants who are part of a team also receive a personal e-ticket. The e-tickets will be sent digitally via e-mail in week 23. 
A starting card can be obtained when showing the e-ticket (on mobile or print). 
It's possible to pick up the starting card of a teammate by showing his or her e-ticket.

Picking up starting cards 40K routes: Saturday, June 20th, between 21h30 and 23h25 at the starting location
Picking up starting cards 10/20K routes: Saturday, June 20th, between 16h30 and 18h25 at the starting location

In case the participant has earned a finish snack or a small breakfast beforehand, this starting card will look a bit different, so that the organization can recognize him.


The routes will be announced in April 2020 and will be placed digitally on our website.  Both in Google Maps and written in PDF, to be printed at home if needed.

Resting spots

The 40K route has four resting spots, the 20K route has one resting spot, and the 10K route has no resting spot.
Besides coffee, tea, and water, First Aid and toilets are present at each resting spot.

Coffee, tea, and water

At the start, finish, and all of the resting spots, the participants can enjoy a free cup of coffee or tea and water upon showing their starting card. At the resting spots, there will mainly be water points where your own bottle can be filled with tap water.


At the start, finish, and almost all of the resting spots, participants can purchase various snacks and drinks. These consumptions must be paid for. We ask participants to eat enough in advance, and to bring sufficient nutritious food and beverages for the journey.

Finish snack or small breakfast

In the period of November 2019 until 31 March 2020, participants on all routes can earn a finish snack (10/20K) or small breakfast (40K) worth €4,95. This promotion will be announced later. 
In the period of April 1st until May 31st 2020, it's still possible to purchase a finish snack or small breakfast.


The routes largely run on public footpaths and cycle paths. Participants are responsible for their own safety. There are traffic controllers present at some points. Along the route, the route arrows are illuminated and you will find chalk markings on the ground, so that it's clear how participants should walk. It's a good idea to keep following the route on Google Maps.

The walk is neither a race nor a marathon. There is no prize for participants that cross the finish first. On top of that, running might result in dangerous situations. 

Participants will mainly walk in the evening and at night. To make sure that everyone is clearly visible, each participant will receive a reflective vest and glow-in-the-dark straps at the starting location. Participants can also bring their own illumination to make themselves or the route extra visible. 

During the walk, the organization can be reached via a mobile emergency number that's mentioned on the starting card. This number can be used, for example, when a participant is stranded and can't continue. We ask the participants to bring a charged mobile phone with WhatsApp with them. When a participant contacts the emergency number, the organization might ask to share the location via WhatsApp.

When participants unexpectedly need to stop their route, a safety car will come (via message of the emergency number) to pick up the participant. The safety car will bring the participants to the nearest NS-train station, depending on where you will be picked up. One of the resting spots can be an option as well. At night, there is little to no public transport available, so participants need to take the availability of friends of family into account when they need to be picked up. 

The organization is always highly visible and easy to reach for the participants, and can be recognized by a yellow Night of the Refugee T-shirt and badge.

Accessibility starting and finish locations

In due time, more information regarding the accessibility of the starting and finish locations will be shared

Weather forecast and clothing

Participants need to take into account that the weather is colder in the evenings and at night than it is during the day, especially in case of the 40K routes. We advise: rain gear, warm clothing, and extra dry clothing. Well-worn (!) walkingshoes and walkingsocks.

Friends and family

Friends and family are more than welcome. They can stand along the route, but they can also bid the participants goodbye at the start. The finish is going to be a party, guaranteed, so we advise them to give the participants a warm welcome there as well!

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