What are we walking for?

 1% of the world's population is on the run

For the seventh consecutive year, the number of refugees worldwide has risen and now amounts to 79.5 million people. Never before have so many people fled war, conflict and oppression. In 2019 alone, x million people had to flee. That equals x people per minute. 

By joining the Night of the Refugee, you can help refugees by having yourself sponsored. The more money you raise, the more emergency aid we can provide together. Did you know that in 2019 every participant helped as many as 15 refugees? People who are in urgent need of help, in the form of, for example, clean drinking water, shelter, food and medical care.

Acute emergency aid

Acute emergency aid is temporary and life-saving assistance right after a disaster or violent conflict. This way, Stichting Vluchteling can save lives and protect victims, and provide them with shelter, medical care, food, drinking water and sanitary facilities.

Emergency shelter

In refugee camps around the world, we provide materials so that families have a roof over their heads. For 25 euros, two families will have an emergency shelter. They receive materials such as rope and tarpaulin, which they need to build their own shelter. For every additional 12.50 euros, you support another family with a roof over their heads.

Medical care after a disaster

For 50 euros you will provide quick access to medical care and medical equipment for vulnerable families: a foldable stretcher to be used in conflict zones like Syria and Iraq, protective clothing for medical staff and antibiotics to treat cholera and typhoid in countries like the Central African Republic.

Recovery with emergency food

Malnutrition is one of the main causes of death of children in many refugee crises. Plumpy'Nut is a high-calorie super peanut butter, full of nutrients. For 16 euros, you can give a severely malnourished child a week's worth of strength, with several sachets a day.

Clean and safe drinking water

Access to clean water and good sanitation prevents dehydration and reduces the risk of deadly diseases. Especially in crowded places like refugee camps. Drinking water is indispensable for life and survival! For 100 euros, three people who have fled war and violence, can have access to clean and safe water for a whole year.   


Spending 2019 and 2020

In 2019, 5700 people in 8 cities took part in the Night of the Refugee. Thanks to the participants, we were able to provide help to as many as 82,453 people, who are being sheltered in Greece, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, Iraq, Uganda and Kenya.


2020 was the year in which everything was a little bit different than usual and that was, of course, also true for the Night of the Refugee. We launched a digital edition of the event, enabling thousands of participants to walk in their own environment via an app and thus still participate. Thanks to the participants in the #NVDVgoesdigital, we were able to offer corona assistance in Yemen and we were ready with, among other things, food and hygiene packages for victims of the fire on Lesbos.

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